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We want to showcase your brand's identity through your website and let the site speak for itself! We keep things very intentional here at By Chance Creative. We work with you to make sure that your website reflects both you and your brand perfectly! Our design style ranges from bright and bold to elegant and simplistic. Whatever design style you're going for, we can make it happen!

The Founding Components of  By Chance Creative

Our company was founded with 3 things in mind: to design strategic and stunning websites, to leave a lasting impression, and to keep things affordable. We allow for creativity to meet technology through our design process and ensure that clients are delivered with a memorable and lasting digital experience. We also pride ourselves in keeping our prices affordable. Although a website is the investment that you will ever make for your business, we still don't believe it should break the bank. Whether you're looking for a fully custom website design or looking for template customization, we'll craft a website that you will never be more proud of.

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Meet Chance

company Inspiration & full-time floof ball

Yep - our business is named after a dog. Our dog to be specific. 

Chance is an almost 2 year old Cockapoo that is absolutely loved to pieces (so much that we named our business after him!). He is a small dog with a massive personality. He enjoys stealing mom's slippers, playing with every dog he sees, and tennis balls.

After losing our dog in 2019, it was definitely hard to get used to the idea of bringing a new member into our family. But once we brought Chance home, it was love at first sight (maybe smell for him). He is such a light in our lives and has made us happier than we could ever imagine. 

the legend behind the brand

fun facts

Favourite Toy

My Slushie Plush

drink of choice

Water (duh!)

Favourite Person

My Mommy & Daddy

Best Fur Friend

Jimmy the Cat!

Favourite Treat

Milkbones or Freeze Dried Liver

dream job

Sleeping All Day



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