Template Policy

By purchasing a template from By Chance Creative, you are agreeing to the terms as follows:


- The images, fonts, and graphics that are included in the template are for demonstration purposes only. These images MUST be replaced by your own images. All images included in By Chance Creative’s templates are retrieved from Pexels and Unsplash, which are free stock photo sites. However, there is no guarantee that these photos will always remain free for commercial use therefore, it is important you replace these images with your own. By Chance Creative holds no liability for the images, fonts, and graphics that you choose to use on your website and any copyright and/or licensing disputes that may arise.

- Each template contains “Site Design by By Chance Creative” in the footer. When you purchase a template, you agree to keep this on your website at all times with an active link to our website.

- You may not sell or redistribute By Chance Creative’s template(s) or design keys. You may not claim these designs as your own. By removing the site design credit in the footer, you are breaking this agreement, which could result in legal action. You may not use By Chance Creative's templates as starting templates for your own design clients (if you are a designer).

Payments and Refunds

- Due to the nature of our products being digital, all sales are final and cannot be returned, refunded, or exchanged unless an agreement was made between you and the CEO of By Chance Creative.

- Payment plans are not available. Payments must be paid in full in order to receive access to the template and course.

- Prices are all based in CAD.

Hosting and Domain

- All templates are hosted through Showit therefore, you must have an active subscription to Showit in order to use By Chance Creative’s templates. If you want to use the blogging features that our templates offer, you must at least have the 2nd tier subscription. (The Sara Chloea template does not offer a blog – therefore the basic Showit plan will work for this template). Showit subscription is NOT included in the price of the template.

- Upon purchasing your template, By Chance Creative will not be responsible for the hosting, storage, or technical difficulties that may arise. Please contact Showit Support should you need assistance with any of these items.

- A valid domain name will need to be connected to your site in order for it to become live on the internet. This is not included in the price of your template and By Chance Creative is not responsible for this set up. The instructions for purchasing and setting up your domain name are included in the Template course that will be provided to you upon purchase.

Template Support

- In the event that you are still needing assistance with alterations and editing of a template that you could not solve through our included course, you may reach out to bychancecreative@gmail.com for assistance, or Showit's support team and/or articles found here.